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Next Project ... "Wireless Robotic Hand (Over UDP packets)" — with Fadi Alshaar.

1) InvenioBox
We built this project to help non-technical people with zero-knowledge in programming to build an efficient, effective, and professional Automation System (Home Automation, Robotics...) using Drag&Drop Plug&Play. My personal mission is to build the Compiler that translate from gesture to Arduino-C language.

2) Content Mangement System
This CMS provide an easy way to build a professional websites. Give users the ability to create pages inside subjects, add writers and select their privilege. I built this project twice: one using open source (PHP) and the other using ASP.
eStep CMS
eStep CMS

3) Map Your Home
Android App and Website(PHP) that simulate real estates, and their pictures, features, and their Cost. So Seller will not pay 2.5% more. All data (Database) are presented on Google Map. (4th place winner in Beirut Startup Weekend 2012).

4) Bleutooth Car
Main idea: control a mechanical object (Car in our case)
using any device (like phone).
Using an IC that takes "DTMF" as input
and transform it to binary (5 bit),
the PIC can takes the orders from the phone,
and then takes decisions to control the mechanical device.
In order to make this project we must use many
electrical devices (Relay, Diode, Transistor…),
and we should know some electrical rules.
"Handset" is the optimal solution for that…
it's take the orders from the phone using Bluetooth
and transform it to sound signal (DTMF),
that can be received by the" HT 9710" IC,
that transform it to binary that can be received by
the PIC that control the actuators.

5) Zazou Online Game
In addition to the scientific benefit,
this game is able to develop communication skills to the user
through the internet system "social networking".
And the innovation that lies in this game is
 the financial benefit obtained by the user according
 to its level in the game based primarily on his
general information and his strategy adopted in the play.
In aim to accomplish this project,
We must use:
PHP, MySql, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript...

6) Internet Car
Simple Car controlled from any device connected to internet
This project can also be controlled from a website(PHP),
android, Windows Phone 7, and IOS(Iphone).
Based on UDP(User datagram protocol),
and an android operating system(with Public IP) that connected to a PIC,
User can Control this car using
windows app(based on java), Internet(PHP), or Phone (Android or Iphone).
More Features: 1- Geolocation. 2- Camera and video Straming.

7) Elevator
A fully functional Elevator with 3 stages
Cabin + 3 Doors + 4 Laser Sensors + 7 Relays
Based on "Arduino" microcontroller

8) Mazboud Catalogue V1.0
This Application is a Catalogue about my Country
it's contain amaysing pictures(about 50) with high quality
The main idea about that application is that
user pay 1$ for that app
and than user can invite others
Every three invitation user can win 1$...
This Application is written in C# and Java...
Using Mail APIs...

9) Dr. Love
It's a Love Meter and personality analayzer
Based on the best Personality analysis algorithm
This app is written using c# language...

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